Monday, October 16, 2017

Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Denounces City's Message on Same-Sex Marriage

Bachmann: 'Hit Pause on All Immigration,' Don't Legalize DREAMers

North Korea Warns That Nuclear War Could Break Out Any Moment - Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton says Julian Assange colluded with Russia to help Donald Trump win US election - Donald Trump's America - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Nestle removes cross from food packaging

Diversity madness explodes life of white Christian rising star

Sebastian Gorka identifies top 3 threats to America

Complete EMP report

Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library

A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone - The New York Times

Trump: I know how Bannon feels about Republicans

Vegas shooter is new model for ISIS attackers in U.S.

Christian broadcaster shocked by secret Bible messages in Groundhog Day

Self-Styled Prophet: Trump (And Israel) Are God?019s Plan ?013 The Forward


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